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This web site is owned and maintained by Sandrobear, Palm Springs, CA.
I do Graphic Design for a living, Everything from promotional Print Design, Photography, and Web Design. If you are in need of graphic design, photography or web design work send me a email. I will be glad to get back to you and see if I can help you.

Over the years I have been taking a lot of pictures, and may people ask me if the camera is mounted to me hand, as they never see me without a camera. Well that is not so, but it is true, I like taking pictures. I do use my hands to do other things well. :-).

This summer I was asked to take pictures of Bears in the Desert in Palm Springs and Lazy Bear Weekend in Guernville. Since there were many people that like to see the picture I have decided to redo this web site and post the pictures. I have also taken picture of models for several Bear Magazines and Web sites.

Just a information about the picture, and the bears/people in them. I do not have contact information, addresses or links to their profiles inline.The people I photograph are people like you and me that attend events, or asked me to take pictures off them. I do not have any information nor do I give any information out about them.

Many of these people are member of bear clubs or attend events all over the country. If you like to meet them, simply join the clubs and attend the events. Hey you might be able to run into me and get your picture taken. :-)














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